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Painless Tattoos

Imagine having a procedure without being afraid of pain. Numbing King(formerly MrNumb) Painless Procedure Cream allows a pain free experience while allowing the tattoo artist to perform pristine work on a skin canvas without swelling.

Painless Botox

Imagine having Botox injections or bikini-waxing without any pain. Numbing King(formerly MrNumb) Painless Procedure Cream allows for the most comfortable experience, imagine no pain during your next beauty session.

Painless Treatment

We are the Number one topical anesthetic cream. We are confident in stating that we supply the #1 topical numbing Lidocaine cream available anywhere.  We manufacture our products with the highest quality Lidocaine, tetracaine, proprietary lipoid and aqueous base ingredients, in order to provide the highest possible standards.


Please send as before, and just to say your product is excellent I had work done to my Knee and never felt a thing.....awesome product.... Regards

Paul (Spain)

Imagine having a tattoo done without even the slightest pain at all.  I would not have believed it, but it is true! I did not think that a lidocaine product could work this well for tattoos, but I am sold!

 Billy (San Francisco, CA)

When I got my first tattoo, I was really worried about the pain that was going to happen.  For years I avoided getting the artwork done because I thought it would hurt too much, and I wouldn't be able to stand it. I wish I knew about Mr. Numb years ago!

 Jen (Albany, NY)

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Thursday, 09 December 2010 09:56
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