Lidocaine Cream

Lidocaine is the base ingredient for Numbing King .

Numbing King Painless Procedure Creams™(30g Jar) contain lidocaine and tetracaine as topical anesthetic ingredients. Lidocaine is the basic ingredient in many topical anesthetic creams due to its ability to block the transmission of signals from the nerves in the area to the brain, and therefore create a "numb" feeling. This suppression of the pain signals allows for procedures that would normally be painful to be undertaken with nearly no feeling at all. In circumstances where procedures are minor yet painful, a numbing cream of some type is generally utilized because the complete anesthesia of the body would be both impractical and potentially dangerous. Any time that a patient is "put to sleep" in order for a procedure to be completed, there are risks at hand of complications. Lidocaine topical anesthetics allow for risks to be minimized by locally dulling pain in specific areas while the patient is fully awake.

Is Lidocaine in cream form the best topical anesthetic?

While there is no real "best topical form of lidocaine" the cream forms are the most popular for professional use due to the ability to be manipulated easily, and worked with in specific applications. Pure liquids are difficult to control in the application within targeted areas, and creams hold the general target shape with more precision. Combined with the fact that creams have the ability to hold complex formulations of lidocaine with other ingredients specifically chosen for certain applications, creams outperform other types of formulations.

What makes Numbing King Lidocaine-based creams so different?

Numbing King Lidocaine products are specifically formulated to be slow moving, which gives the skin that is being numbed the ability to adjust to the chemical as it is working to numb the area. This process reduces the amount of edema, or swelling that will occur if you utilize a product that reacts too quickly. If your skin swells during the numbing process, the artist or technician will have a more difficult time being precise in his/her actions, causing potential skin damage and potentially worse. By allowing for a slow-action numbing process, Numbing King formulations keep skin pristine and yet numb.

What are some uses for Lidocaine?

Use Numbing King Creams for numbing the skin area before getting any kind of painful procedures such as waxing, body piercing, Botox, tattooing, laser tattoo removal, permanent eye liner, needle injections.

There are many uses for lidocaine based numbing cream, all of which involve temporary numbing of the skin in order to stop pain from being an issue during specific procedures. Different formulations of numbing creams on the market make for different uses, due to the fact that there is usually "edema" or swelling of the treated area if the lidocaine formulation is too strong. The more powerful the formulation, the faster the actual 'numbing" takes place, however this is done with the side effect of swelling in that area. Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream utilizes a lidocaine formulation that takes a longer time to work, but has no swelling effect on the skin. This allows for the subsequent procedure to be preformed on a more pristine and natural canvas. The formulators of Numbing King understand that the actual numbing of the skin is only one aspect of the process, and that procedure that the skin is being numbed for is just as important. Therefore, there is no reason to rush the process and compromise the procedure with swelling just to get numb faster.

Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream uses lidocaine to numb the skin in preparation of minor procedures that would normally be uncomfortable due to pain. While the specific uses that are suggested for the product are tattoo application, Botox injections and bikini waxing, there are many other procedures that can benefit from the use of the product. As lidocaine numbing creams are temporary, anything that produces short term pain in the skin is a potential procedure that could benefit from the use of Numbing King before hand. If you are considering using a lidocaine numbing cream before a procedure, always consult your physician or technician to see if there are any potential complications associated with use.

Lidocaine is excellent for dulling the extended periods of pain associated with tattooing. Due to the fact that the procedure of tattooing involves piercing the skin thousands of times with a needle, the only effective method of reducing the pain associated is by interrupting the nerve transfer in the skin surface. However, typical lidocaine creams numb the skin very quickly, and distort the surface of the skin as a result. Many tattoo artists do not want to work on a swollen canvas, as it has a potential of compromising the quality of the artwork they are charged with applying. Mr. Numb causes no swelling and is therefore perfect for tattoo applications.

Botox injections are painful, and the injecting of Botox into nerve endings in order to have the desired effect also causes intense pain at those nerve endings. The only way to effectively place a Botox injection is through visual analysis of the skin, and a swollen area will not give the correct information as it is not the natural state. Numbing King Painless Procedure Cream is perfect for Botox injections as it does not cause swelling that can give incorrect information, yet deadens the pain associated with the nerve that is being injected.

Bikini waxing is extremely painful as hair is literally being ripped out of the skin. Numbing King is perfect for this procedure as it allows for painless waxing while still keeping swelling down, resulting is a less unsightly process.

Overall, lidocaine can be used in nearly every procedure that will cause pain to the skin. Numbing King and its specialized lidocaine formulation provide a more precise ability for the artist and technician to accomplish their goal.
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